Terms and Conditions

DevelopMyWeb is the trading brand of DevelopMyWeb Ltd.

Our website URL is developmyweb.com.



1.0 - Websites will be developed on our servers which utilise Linux software.

1.1 - DevelopMyWeb cannot be held responsible for any client software issues.

1.2 - All deposits are non-refundable.

1.3 - Clients are legally responsible for any complaints related to websites we have produced or managed, or any marketing communications we have executed on their behalf, whether made by search engines, businesses, government bodies/agencies, or members of the public. In the event that a complaint is brought to our attention, DevelopMyWeb will make every effort to address the issue within the terms of the marketing or service level agreement (SLA) that is in effect at the time of the complaint. If no active marketing plan or SLA is in place, we will charge £70.00 per hour to resolve the matter.

1.4 - Clients are responsible for any complaints, claims, damages, or other issues related to photography obtained for free from search engines or other sources.

1.5 - In the event of website downtime, crashes, redirects, hacks, viruses, bugs, data/logic bombs, server failures, etc., DevelopMyWeb will make every effort to repair, reinstate, or use the last available backup of the website within 72 hours (Monday to Friday, excluding bank holidays) of the client reporting the issue. The costs associated with recovery, repair, or reinstatement will depend on the SLA in place at the time of the incident. For hosting-only accounts, the client will be charged at our standard rate of £70.00 per hour.

1.6 - DevelopMyWeb cannot be held responsible for any losses related to lost sales or inquiries, perceived damage to a brand, or website downtime, regardless of the cause.

1.7 - DevelopMyWeb reserves the right to use each client's website for marketing purposes, including on DevelopMyWeb's website, brochures, banners, backlinks, and social media posts, as well as award or competition entries.

1.8 - DevelopMyWeb reserves the right to display the link to our website at the bottom of any page created, and these cannot be removed unless written/email permission is obtained from DevelopMyWeb.


Website Services

2.1 - Each website creative must be signed off by the client, at that stage the responsibility for any design similarities or perceived copy, will become the legal responsibility of each client.

2.2 - It is the client's responsibility to ensure content, images, case studies, etc. are provided in the agreed time period. Failure to provide aforementioned content in the agreed time period may result in delays of which DevelopMyWeb holds no responsibility.

2.3 - Websites rely on content, which is unless otherwise stated, the responsibility of each client to supply as requested by email or agreed within the order terms. Late content or general client information automatically adds to the overall project timeline by the number of days late. 


Marketing Services

3.1 - Our monthly management, marketing, and advertising services aim to promote your website and business on various search engines and increase social media engagement and community. However, we cannot guarantee any specific results or business growth.

3.2 - We cannot guarantee any improved Search Engine Ranking Positions (SERPs) for your website or individual pages within it, and we do not provide any timelines for such improvements.

3.3 - DevelopMyWeb is not responsible for the performance, sales, inquiries, website metrics, brand enhancement/damage, or social media platforms/third party sales platforms (eBay, Facebook, etc.) associated with any website or third-party platforms/links produced by us, unless agreed upon in writing or a recorded delivered and read email.

3.4 - We reserve the right to post articles on behalf of each client unless they specifically instruct us, in writing or recorded delivered and read email, not to do so.

3.5 - Once authorized via our management plans, DevelopMyWeb cannot be held responsible for any perceived or actual brand damage that may result from any of our services, including website production/content/post/share/tweet/blog/advert/video, etc.

3.6 - Our extended services include SEO, email marketing, Google Ads, social communications (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, Pinterest, Google my Business, YouTube, etc.), social advertising, and blogs. We intend to comply with all known UK legislation, including GDPR, but if our client services breach any current UK or EU legislation, our liability will be limited to halting/removing any visible infringements/breaches. We will not reimburse fees or provide any compensation. Any fines or prosecutions will be the responsibility of the client.



4.1 - The notice periods below apply for clients wishing to terminate any of our retained services.

4.2 - If longer term contracts of one year or more have been agreed, this will be detailed in our proposal, your order, or within email communications. In such cases, the notice periods detailed below do not apply.

Notice Periods 

  • Marketing, including Social Media: 60 days
  • SEO/SEM, including Google Ads: 60 days
  • Website Hosting: 30 days
  • All Other Services: 30 days

Termination notices must be made in writing or confirmed received email, which will count as the start date of your notice period. All services will continue to be provided until the end of the notice period, and all fees due must be paid in full.



5.0 - Ownership of all websites and creative work, including logos and brochures, produced by DevelopMyWeb will remain with DevelopMyWeb until they are fully paid for by the client.

5.1 - DevelopMyWeb does not offer credit terms. Any outstanding payments will result in the immediate suspension of services, including website hosting, which will render the website inaccessible. In such cases, a minimum of 48 hours' notice will be given via email.

5.2 - Payments are accepted via bank transfer with no extra fees. Payments via credit card or PayPal incur a 3% invoice fee. All payments must be received in British Pound Sterling (GBP) unless 5.3 applies.

5.3 - With prior agreement and in rare exception, invoices can be issued in Euros, of which we accept Euro bank transfer exclusively to a specific account. Client is responsible for all bank transfer fees and the amount received must be the exact equivalent of the invoice total.

5.4 - Website Payment Terms: Websites are paid with a deposit prior to work being undertaken and at various intervals throughout the development process commensurate with the total project value. Websites must be paid in full prior to launch and prior to any files being transferred to the client. Payment deadlines must be adhered to and failure to do so may delay deadlines for website creation.

5.5 - All other services: In general, all other services provided by DevelopMyWeb must be paid in full, in advance, and cleared, prior to services being used. 

5.6 - All invoices are issued with a due date. Invoices paid more than 10 calendar days late may be subject to late fees charged at 8% of the invoice total + the Bank of England base rate annualised and divided into a daily amount.

5.7 - Standard hourly billing is charged in increments of 30 minutes and is reconciled on a daily basis.



6.0 - DevelopMyWeb is a UK-based company and is subject to UK laws. Any legal disputes will be settled in Doncaster. Each client agrees that any claims that are not covered by this contract will be heard in the Doncaster small claims court.

6.1 - Breach of any agreed Non-Disclosure Agreements (NDA) will result in a £500.00 invoice for the production, circulation, sharing of this strategy/quotation.


Terms and Conditions may change at any time and were last updated on May 8th, 2023.