Email communication is key to staying in touch with your customers

Updates sent at regular intervals can keep your customers informed and bring repeat sales

We create websites that specialise in lead generation.

identifying and cultivating potential customers for your business's products or services

Why are newsletters important?

Newsletters are a powerful tool for small businesses to increase their engagement with new and prospective customers alongside driving sales. It helps keep visitors informed about your products or services. You can easily share new products, promotions, events, or other important news.

Can DevelopMyWeb set up newsletters for my business?

Absolutely. We can integrate a third party service to capture emails and manage your contact list, working with you directly to create segments suitable for sending particular emails to. We can separate prospective customers from existing customers giving you maximum control over the content you want to send.

Can you manage the newsletters alongside the content?

Yes, we offer a recurring service where we can write and format the information you wish to send. Simply provide the details and we will take care of the rest- no stress for you. Happy days.

Brilliant. When can you start?

We'll check our diary! Get in touch today to book a free consultation and we'll get promptly underway.

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